Guest Information.

The London Hunt Club is a special place where membership is privilege, extended to men and women who have pride in their club and show respect for it and fellow members. The following information is intended to make your time at the club truly enjoyable. The club expects all members and their guests to adhere to the following standards befitting a fine private club.

Dress Code: Overview

It is expected that Members and Guests dress with taste, discretion, and consideration of other Members. Dress should be appropriate to the formality of the area of the Club in which you are attending. This policy has been established to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of all Members and maintains the tradition of sophistication, while recognizing evolving trends that are respectful of the London Hunt and Country Club’s long, prestigious history.

Members are responsible for being aware of and adhering to the Dress Code Policy for themselves, their guests, and their children.

Each activity, area or room may have its own specific Dress Code which may not carry over to other areas of the Club.

Club Events may have their own specific Dress Code requirements, which will be detailed in the event invitation or event promotional material.

The responsibility for enforcing the Dress Code Policy lies with our Management Team. Should a Member or Guest not be dressed appropriately, Management will work with the Member to remedy the situation and reserves the authority to take reasonable action appropriate to the situation which may include anything from granting exceptions for certain circumstances to denial of entry.

Members and Guests must respect and cooperate with Staff when dealing with dress code issues and enforcement.

Should multiple issues occur with any given Member, further disciplinary action may be taken under our Member Code of Conduct Policy.

Not all apparel sold in the Golf and Tennis Shop or seen on the professional golf or tennis tours may conform to our Policy. Enforcement of the Dress Code Policy will be upheld regardless of the brand/designer, place of purchase or the cost of the garment.

In General, the following is NOT permitted anywhere at the Club

• Beach wear
• Plastic or rubber sandals, flip flops, shower shoes, athletic slides
• Cargo shorts and pants
• Denim that is ripped, frayed, or distressed
• Fleece-lined sweatpants and sweatshirts
• Any caps and clothing bearing illustrations not related to golf, tennis, pickleball or fitness
• Plain cotton T-shirts that are not fitness or racquet sports specific
• Sleeveless shirts (men)
• Bare midriffs, bare feet
• Shorts, skirts and skorts that are excessively short

Dress Code: Golf Course and Golf Practice Facilities

Golf attire may be worn in most areas of the Club.

Unacceptable Golf Attire

• Most racquets and/or fitness apparel does not crossover to meet the golf dress code
• Denim at any golf related facility
• Caps worn backwards
• Men’s golf shirts that are untucked
• Logos on clothing that isn’t golf related
• Open toed footwear and metal spikes

Appropriate Golf Attire

• Traditional golf attire
• Outerwear or rain gear for inclement weather (not fleece lined)
• Proper golf shoes
• Modern golf attire such as athletic hoodies with a collared shirt underneath
• Golf Socks, ankle socks, mid-length or knee socks permitted when pulled up, and not slouched

Appropriate Women’s Golf Attire

• Golf pants, capri pants, shorts or skorts (note on length; there should be more material visible than leg or thigh, from waistline to the knee)
• Spandex, leggings, or yoga pants when covered with golf skort or shorts
• Sleeveless tops provided they have a collar
• Sleeved shirts may be collarless. (t-shirts are not acceptable as a sleeved shirt)
• Racerback shirts with a collar and are golf specific in design
• Tailored women’s golf shirts may be worn untucked

Appropriate Men’s Golf Attire

• Collared, mock neck, turtleneck or blade style golf shirts (no Henley style collars)
• Shirts must be tucked in
• Tailored pants or tailored Bermuda style shorts

Dress Code: Racquets Facilities

Racquets attire may be worn at the Racquets Facility, Fitness Facility, locker rooms, common areas, Café 1885, and The Terrace.

Unacceptable Racquets Attire

• Running shoes or shoes not intended for court use while on the courts – they can damage the courts and can cause injury
• T-Shirts not specific to racquet sports
• Men’ sleeveless shirts
• Logos on clothing that isn’t racquet sports related

Appropriate Racquet Sports Attire

• Proper court shoes
• Athletic pants, shorts, skorts and shirts intended for playing racquet sports
• Hats/Caps may only be worn backwards while on the court
• Outerwear or rain gear for inclement weather (not fleece lined)

Dress Code: Fitness Facilities

Fitness attire may be worn within the Fitness rooms, and studios, locker rooms, common areas, Café 1885, and The Terrace.

Unacceptable Fitness Attire

• Fleece-lined sweatpants or sweatshirts
• Outdoor shoes
• T-Shirts not specific to fitness use
• Any clothing that is worn out or damaged

Appropriate Fitness Attire

• Athletic shoes (trainers/running shoes), indoor shoes free from dirt and debris
• Athletic T-shirts (men must have sleeves), tank tops (women)
• Athletic shorts, Spandex (women)
• Athletic track suit
• Hats or Caps (must be removed in other areas of the Clubhouse)

Dress Code: Clubhouse

Key Statements:

• Tennis and Fitness athletic wear can only be worn in Café 1885, the Terrace, and common areas
• In all other areas, men’s shirts must be tucked in unless they are button down style and tailored to remain untucked
• Denim is only allowed in the “Relaxed” and “Casual” dining areas
• Hats, caps and visors must be removed when in the Clubhouse (except in Golf Shop, fitness centre, hallways and outdoor dining areas)

Specific areas in the Clubhouse have designated Dress Codes as follows:


Dress Code is acceptable for the relaxed areas of the Clubhouse including Café 1885, The Terrace, Locker rooms, Lower Lounge, hallways and common areas, parking lots, Racquets Chalet and Trap Chalet.

Appropriate Relaxed Attire

• Clean, not sweaty, golf, racquet sports and fitness wear as a minimum standard
• Smart denim, in good repair without any rips, tears, frayed edges or holes
• Refined leather sandals


• Dress Code is acceptable for the Thames Grill indoor dining room and the “Relaxed” areas

Appropriate Casual Attire

• Clean, not sweaty, golf and lifestyle casual wear (not fitness or tennis athletic wear) as a minimum standard
• Smart denim, in good repair without any rips, tears, frayed edges or holes
• Refined leather sandals
• Shirts with collars (men), tucked in, unless button down style and tailored to be untucked

“Business Casual”

Dress Code is in effect for Glenmore, including the Glenmore Lounge, Dining Room, and Patio. Also referred to as “smart casual”, it is typically comprised of well-fitting, neat, and appropriate pieces that are slightly less formal than “business professional”. It is employing finer-quality clothes that are well-fitted, in-style and of good fabrics.

Appropriate Business Casual Attire

• Jacket preferred
• Tailored pants/slacks
• Bermuda shorts (on the patio only)
• Collared tailored shirts, tucked in unless button down style and tailored to be untucked
• Mock necks may be worn under a sport coat
• Casual or dress footwear


Neat, well-fitting appropriate pieces such as dress slacks, shorts (on the patio only), skirts, capris, dresses, blouses, and sweaters.

Not Permitted

• Open toe shoes (men), and athletic footwear including golf shoes
• Tennis and Racquets athletic wear
• Denim

“Club Formal”

Dress Code may be in effect for certain club events and may include a jacket or jacket and tie, business suit for men, or the appropriate equivalent for women and will be specified in the event details.